Social Media Create-A-Room Design #2

Welcome to the 2nd social media create-a-room design! This was a fun 10 rounds of voting in a span of 3 weeks. [If you are new to my social media accounts, here is how it works: the readers created a room design piece-by-piece by voting on furniture and textiles from a picture of multiple choices I offered, starting with a bed and voting until we had a completed, furnished room.] So here is the final room design created by YOU:

I have amazing readers, you all did a great job! Thank you for playing along. Below I have all the sources for the completed room. Below are the sources for the winning pieces:

Round 1 WINNER 

Round 2 WINNER

Round 3 WINNER

Round 4 WINNER

Round 5 WINNER

Round 6 WINNER

Round 7 WINNER

Round 8 WINNER

Round 9 WINNER

Round 10 WINNER

Did you love the outcome??? 

Thanks for playing along and I can't wait to start 

another social media create-a-room design!