SAVING MONEY: Adding Trends

The last 3 weeks I have talked about coming up with a plan, shopping around, and making practical shopping purchases. This week we are talking trends. You are probably thinking, I thought this series was about saving money and you are right, it is, just stay with me. Colors, patterns and textures trend at different times and become more popular and designers show us how beautiful it can be in a home so of course we want to bring it into our homes. I am going to share how to add those trends or personal obsessions in your home in a way that will save you money.

The bad thing about trends or personal current obsessions is that they fade and our love for them fades away too. Does that mean stay away from them? Definitely not, but let's say you suddenly fall in love with leopard print and decide to buy a leopard print sofa which costs you $1,000, you better hope you don't get sick of leopard print soon. Or fall in love with red and decide to install bright red carpet in your living room. This may sound ridiculously obvious, but my solution is to incorporate these trends in small amounts instead. 

Everyone has a different budget, so I have given some examples below on how to add those current trends and obsessions into your home, within your budget and in a way that you won't lose a lot of money if you get sick of it down the road.

Current Trend: FLORAL

Instead of investing in a huge floral purchase that you might regret, shop around for less expensive floral pieces to incorporate into your home. Are you willing to spend well over $200 for floral wallpaper that you might not love in a year or two? Are you willing to spend under $200 for a floral accent chair? Are you willing to spend $60 for a small floral accent rug? If you can't quite commit to any of those prices, then maybe $20 for a pillow or $5 for a print is the best purchase for you if you want to add floral. 

Even a small dose of floral can make a huge impact like these rooms below:

Current Obsession: LEATHER

For the most part, leather is classic and pretty much always on trend but sometimes we fall in love with it more than other times. Here are some options to fill that current personal leather obsession ranging from $364 down to $20. Leather is a good investment piece but if you aren't sure you will love it later, maybe purchase a smaller leather item to incorporate into your home.

A pop of leather makes a grand statement in any room like these homes below:

Current Trend: MINT

The best part about this trend is that it is just a color. But before you go and paint your walls or cabinets mint, think about adding mint to your home in a smaller dose and you probably won't get sick of it as fast. Paint is fairly cheap, but also time consuming if you want to change it down the road. Try one of these options below instead.

A pop of mint in an all-neutral room can be very eye catching like these rooms below:

Whether you decide to incorporate your favorite trend through a piece of furniture or through a small knick-knack, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you are aware that your obsession for the trend might end sooner than later. Being aware will help you make a better choice of how to add that trend to your home, which will save you money in the long run.

Stay tuned for the last SAVING MONEY post on DIY projects!

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