The Journey to a Finished Home

I am starting a new monthly series called "The Journey to a Finished Home". I post a lot of home decor inspiration from amazing designers, but in all reality, my home is far from those homes. I would love to just take a shopping trip and "finish decorating" a room but that isn't quite in the family budget. Hopefully it will be some day, but not right now. So for now, my plan is to finish sections of a room little by little each month and share that process with you.

I have a plan of what I want each room to look like but it will take some time. It can be intimidating decorating like this. For instance, when people come over I feel like I need to justify my home by saying "don't judge, I'm not done with this room" or "just ignore that spot, I'm still looking for something to put there". I try to push aside those feelings and remind myself that other people are in the same boat and take the long, drawn-out decorating process too. 

So if you are like me, remember: you are not alone. We will all "finish decorating" our homes eventually. 

So what have I been doing lately? Well I finally found a Homegoods! I have been in search of an accent chair but didn't have any luck there, but I couldn't leave empty handed. I found some great pillows for the living room and a new kitchen rug.

I am currently on the hunt for a blue accent chair for my living room. I like these 4 but don't love them. I hate when that happens. The first one is my favorite but I'm not a fan of the silver trim for my living room. I love the tufting of the 2nd and 3rd chairs but they don't have arms. And all I picture with the last chair are my kids constantly throwing the back cushion on the ground. I might be hunting for a while. Any suggestions under $300? 

[All 4 chairs can be found HERE]

We are currently renting, and a downside about renting instead of owning a home is that you can't change the major things. The first major thing on that list for me is the paint color. The paint colors in our home aren't necessarily terrible, but they aren't my favorite either. I can't change the paint color so I moved onto the second thing on my list which are the window treatments. 

The sliding doors in the dining room came with vertical blinds. I'm not a fan, plus my kids keep pulling them down. This is one thing I can temporarily change. I simply took off each individual blind, wrapped them nicely, and stored them in a safe place under our long couch. I replaced them with a curtain rod and curtains and they look SO. MUCH. BETTER. This is an easy rental solution because the blinds can easily be put back up when you move. 

  [Curtains purchased from Tuesday Morning]

And I pulled the trigger and bought some stools for the kitchen that I have been eyeing for a while. You can find them HERE.

Finally, I tackled the worst area of the house: the entryway closet. This room was a disaster. The layout was terrible because it has an extra weird shaped space behind the rod. I put storage in that space when we first moved in but every time I needed something I would have to navigate my way through a million hanging clothes. So my solution was to move everything to the walls with many metal wall hooks to transform it into a long narrow closet. I bought 2 shoe storage pieces found HERE to store the explosion of kid shoes laying around. Although this is not a beautiful and perfectly staged "after" photo, this mini-makeover makes my life 100 times easier.

Next on my to-do list is buy curtains, matching nightstands, floor lamp, accent chair, artwork, bedside lamps, and the list goes on. But each month we will get closer to finishing our home. My kids like to help in the process by rearranging the furniture and decorating with their toys:

Besides my home, we have been having so much fun lately. Exploring this great state of Washington, celebrating 2 birthdays, school events, sports, and watching my kids grow up right before my eyes. Hope you had a great month! What home improvements have you made this month?

P.S.  I rounded up some beautiful toddler rooms over at Hometalk. Head on over and find some wonderful inspiration for your home.