Motherhood Spotlight: Rebecca Brown

Hello! I am so excited to be apart of this amazing blog.  I have known Heather since high school, we were famous track stars (at least according to the local Argus newspaper). You should have seen us in our prime. Heather was actually the first person I met my sophomore year. Though she probably might not remember this, she was the first person to welcome me to Fruitland High School. Transferring schools is difficult for any teenager, but her warm smile and friendly demeanor made me feel right at home.  It is so neat seeing Heather as mom, with her competitive nature, and her loving spirit she makes an amazing mom. So all this to say I am very honored to know her.

Well, my name is Rebecca Brown, I am married to this pretty awesome guy. We have been married 9 years now, and in the 9 years we have collected a few little ones along the way. We have 5 children; Judah Landon, Caleb Aaron, Eden Brightened-Joy, Boaz Timothy, and our last one Hadassah Marie who was a bit of a surprise.

We call ourselves "Brown Town" because our homes feels like a crazy little town most of the time. What else can I say about our crazy crew? We love sports! Anything fun and competitive (that usually ends in tears or melt-downs) is a constant staple of the Brown home. Shoot, we even make clean up time a race. We love church activities, and singing and dancing. Most of all my favorite thing to do is going on adventurous dates with my husband (we let the kids tag along occasionally). We just moved to Canada 6 months ago, so that's a whole new adventure for us.

I am so blessed to be a mommy of a big family. There is always something new and exciting to learn in parenting. And most of the time I learn the humbling way. Having 5 kids means 5 very different personalities. So the one thing I wanted to share, and the thing I have learned the most when it comes to motherhood is "relating to each child individually." I realized after having my second child that he was nothing like our first born; and I quickly learned that the way you teach, instruct, and correct can't always be the same. I don't believe in favoritism, though I know sometimes it can be easy to do, because some kids behave better than others. But I do believe each child needs to be loved in a different way that reaches them according to their specific needs.

Each one of my kids is unique in his or her own way, they each add such a great dynamic to our family. And yet sometimes I get overwhelmed and stressed out not knowing what to do when a problem arises.

I have a son (Caleb, our second born) who is autistic. For years we didn't understand why he wanted to be alone, why he couldn't talk, why he would get so angry when he couldn't achieve something as simple as blocks. Through Caleb I have learned that he may not always want hugs from me as a source of comfort, but that he does need my assurance that its okay when he makes mistakes.

Then on the opposite end is Judah (our oldest) who is very tender, sweet,  and a sensitive. He tends to be a mommas boy, he hugs me constantly. With him I have learned that you have to be extra sensitive to his emotions. He needs one on one dates once a month with dad or me. He likes to be able to talk out all his problems.

Then there is my two middle children, both crazy hyper and wild. Eden who is strong willed and independent, and Boaz who can get himself into trouble with his siblings quite often. With those two I know its been a lot of consistency, if I am not consistent with the structure of our day it can be pretty crazy.

Then there is our baby girl Haddie, she is the smiler, she brings so much joy to our family. She is pretty content with anything. So knowing how easy she is I tend to slack off with helping her along in keeping the same rules for her.  Lets just say my first born loves most vegetables, and with her veggies are quite foreign.

I know that I have tons to learn about each one. I know each one has been given amazing gifts and talents that I am still learning about. The greatest part of children is they love us parents, through all our mistakes. They want to be like us, so we are the greatest examples in their little developing lives.

Spend time with each one individually, learn something new about them.  Be patient with yourself and your children.  If one way is not working for you in relating try another, and another. Most importantly, just show you care even if it has to be stern sometimes or extra sensitive another. The best part in watching my kids grow up is praying for them, and letting God help me be the best mom I can be to them.