Look for the Good

My outlook on motherhood has changed drastically from one simple goal I made 6 months ago. This goal was to sit down and write a blog post every week about an experience in motherhood with a valuable lesson I learned. I did this to document my experiences and hopefully relate to other moms in the same situations. The main thing I promised myself was to always be positive in these posts and never write anything negative about being a mom.

Every day I am looking for things to write about on my blog, but "looking for things to write about" has drastically changed my outlook on motherhood. Each day I am looking for lessons to learn from my kids. Looking for ways to connect better with my kids. Looking for ways to improve as a mom. Looking for the positive and trying to document those perfect moments I find.

Some days I raise my voice too much and some days I don't focus on my kids enough and the list could go on, but I promised to only blog about the positive parts of motherhood. That promise helps me look past those difficult moments and focus on the positive ones. I am in no way a perfect mom but I do experience perfect moments as a mom. I think every mom does. We all have difficult days but we also have really great days too. 

Making this goal to intentionally go out of my way and look for the positive moments of being a mom has really opened my eyes to motherhood. There are many things I do wrong as a mom but I have come to realize that there are also many things I do right. Yes, I try and work on the things I do wrong but I have come to really focus and document the great and wonderful things because those moments are what make me happy and want to be a better mom.

I love how such a simple goal to be positive and look for the good has changed my outlook on this wonderful and amazing calling of being a mom.