E-Design: Pretty in Purple

My first inspiration design board! Almost every little girl loves pink and purple so I combined the two to create a fun bedroom for all ages. The pop of yellow makes the room a little more lively and fun. The furniture, except for the bed, can all transition from a toddler room all the way to a teen room. The color scheme and framed art works well with all ages.

Love this design? Here are the details. Most of these pieces are fairly inexpensive and will fit most budgets. However, don't be intimidated if it doesn't fit your budget The point of a design board is to get inspiration. Look for pieces that are similar in stores you normally shop at. Follow the numbers in the picture to the list below for sources.

1. Elephant Art: Urban Outfitters
2. Pink Bed: Ikea Bedding: Ikea
3. White Table Lamp: West Elm
4. Yellow Accent Table: Target
5. Striped Pillow: Ikea
6. Purple Circle Pillow: Urban Outfitters
7. Yellow Abstract Pillow: West Elm
8. White Rocking Chair: Target
9. Pink Storage Cabinet: Ikea
10. Flower Art: West Elm
11. Gold Mirror: Urban Outfitters
12. Dots Quote Pillow: Target
13. Purple Pattern Pillow: Target
Rug: Ikea