Motherhood Spotlight: April Judd

Hi! If you read Heather's blog, you've already got great taste! I love what she's doing with her little corner of the Internet. She's a fantastic mother and friend, and I feel pretty honored to be here.

I am a lucky wife (to Ryan) and the mother of two handsome little boys (Camden-4 and Turner-2) with another one joining our family in just a few weeks. Along with chasing my very energetic boys, I am a hairstylist and fitness instructor with a major love for fashion and a small addiction to diet coke.  

When Heather asked me to guest post, I was incredibly flattered at first, and then really started to second guess her decision. What do I do that others might benefit from? I thought long and hard about the fun things we do as a family, our traditions, and even the day to day things that get me through the grind. The thing that was common amongst all these things, and pretty much my mantra of motherhood, is "Be Genuine." 

Eh? Let me explain. Right after having Camden, I was blissfully unaware. Living in my own little world of new motherhood, I was just doing my best to survive. Then I started observing other moms out there... And there were so many things to learn and so much to incorporate! My blissful state became overwhelmed.

 I remember observing a close friend and her meal preparation. She showed up at play dates with home made baby food and talked about the green smoothie she'd fixed for breakfast and the quinoa salmon dish that she planned for dinner. I felt incredibly inadequate with my fruit snacks as I thought about the take-out bags (still in the trash) from the night before. 

Then there was my Instagram friend. Every single picture she posted was painfully idyllic. Their trip to the zoo could have been featured in a magazine. Her life and mothering ways were beautiful and without fault. 

Before long, I was stressed about my kids eating (even more so than usual) and worried that I couldn't possibly post that picture, because clearly Turner had chocolate on his face. I tried to be the fun mom, the foodie mom, the put together mom, the laid back mom... All in one. Before I knew it, I couldn't even remember the mom I was, and if I remember correctly, I was a pretty good mom to begin with. 

Motherhood is hard. It's hard to improve without feeling inadequate. One piece of advice I'll always remember, is "Your kids are yours for a reason. There must be something you've got, that they need."

It's true, huh? Once I started being Genuine to who I am, I started being a better mother. Sometimes I make great homemade meals, and sometimes I hit up the drive thru. Sometimes my pictures just so happen to look pretty good, and other times, the chocolate smeared face is downright adorable. 

No matter what I do with my boys, I try my hardest to stay true to myself. That doesn't mean that I can't try to have my kids eat a little better, or take good pictures.  I'm constantly looking for ways to improve as a mother. Aren't we all? And there is some great stuff out there! Small tips and advice that I incorporate and try to remember that will help make me a better ME. Just don't overlook all the great things that you have to offer.  In the quest to be an awesome mom, let's not forget that we were pretty darn good to begin with. 

Be Genuine. Be who you are. Your kids need YOU.