Love Where You Are

I feel like I'm an expert at living on a student income. My husband has been in school for the majority of our married life and for the past 4 years, my husband attended dental school. During those 4 years, we lived in a low-income housing community with other students to save money. Our apartment was really old and it definitely wasn't the nicest place to live, but we knew it was only temporary.

Our whole 4 years of living there, I would think and dream about the future and where we would be once we graduated. I wanted a newer place to live with nicer things, but that dream was on hold until we finished school. I would keep reminding myself that we would get there eventually.

Once the 4 years of dental school were over, we said goodbye to this temporary home we had. It was a wonderful 4 years, but we were excited to move on with life and get a nicer place  now that we were out of school. We decided to rent a newer home and it is 1,000% nicer than our previously place. We finally have a dishwasher, fireplace, hardwood floors, garage, master bathroom and walk-in closet. Definitely a step up for us.

Shortly after moving into our new home, my son said "I miss my old house." I was pretty sure he just meant to say that he misses his old friends, so I asked him: "Do you miss your old friends or your old house?" He said "Both, I LOVED our old house!"

My son didn't care if our house was new. He didn't care if it had a garage or hardwood floors. And he for sure didn't care if it had a master bedroom or walk-in closet. None of that stuff was important to him. It wasn't the nicest home, but that wasn't really important. 

What was important is that we made that house a home. I painted and decorated and tried to make all of our hand-me-downs and thrifted items look good. I decorated for holidays to make them really special for the kids. I really cared about what our home looked like inside because it is where memories were being made. It was the home that we brought 2 of our 3 babies home from the hospital to. It was the home that we made so many wonderful friends in. It was a special place to be together as a family.

Even though this home was old and temporary, I'm glad I took pride in it and created a home my family loved. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up with wanting bigger, better and nicer things and get discouraged. Our home wasn't featured in a magazine and it wasn't picture-perfect, but it was perfect for our family. We are all dreaming of bigger and better things for the future but, those 4 years of dental school taught me to:
love where you are, 
make it work, 
and enjoy this stage of life