How To: Vinyl Heart Wall

I am in love with the vinyl patterned wall treatments that are trending all over the internet so I decided to try a white heart pattern in my daughter's bedroom. I picked a wall then measured it out on paper to see how many vinyl adhesives I would need to fill the wall. 

Once I figured out measurements, I cut out a piece of cardboard to help with placement. The cardboard was the exact spacing I needed in between each heart. I started my hearts at the bottom of the wall using the baseboard and cardboard cutout to keep that first line straight. For the rest of the wall, the cardboard cutout helped keep my lines straight and even without having to measure at all. This saved me so much time and I didn't have to put pencil marks on the wall.

My husband looked at me like I was crazy because I chose to do white hearts. There isn't much of a contrast between the vinyl hearts and the pink wall color, but I knew what I was doing. I went with white because I wanted the hearts to be subtle and not the focal point of the room. The best part is that the white reflects sunlight during the day which makes the hearts sparkle. 

The vinyl hearts costs me around $20 to do a large wall, which I feel is an amazing deal for decorating an entire wall. I purchased mine from Etsy. If you are thinking about trying a patterned, vinyl wall I would definitely recommend it. They are very inexpensive, temporary, and if you use my cardboard measurement tip it doesn't take a lot of time to create. I am already looking for my next wall to create!

More pictures and details of this room found HERE!