DIY: Princess Piggy Bank

I have an obsession for fast, easy and cheap craft projects and this little piggy bank definitely fits that criteria. While searching the internet one day, I came across a piggy bank that was covered in rhinestones. I knew my daughter would love it, but it seemed a little over-the-top for my taste. So, with that inspiration, I toned down the rhinestones and created a mini tiara for little miss piggy. 

Materials Needed:

1. Piggy Bank
2. Wire
3. Rhinestones
4. Hot Glue Gun
5. Wire Cutters

Step 1: 
Cut 6 strips of wire about 1 inch in length. Cut 1 long strip about 3 inches in length.

Step 2: 
With your hands, bend each wire into a rainbow shape.

Step 3: 
Lay the wires in a pyramid shape. Hot glue a rhinestone in every spot where the wires meet.

Step 4: 
Hot glue rhinestones along the rest of the wires. 

Step 5: 
Hot glue the bottom part of the tiara to the top portion of the tiara. 

Step 6: 
Hot glue finished tiara onto the piggy bank.

Simple as that! 

What would you put a mini tiara on?

What I love about this mini tiara is that it can be put on just about anything, for example: birthday cupcakes, dolls, bookshelf decor, stuffed animals, etc. My princess piggy bank is displayed proudly in my daughter's pink toddler room which can be found HERE!