Thrift Store Finds #1

Thrift stores are the first place I go whenever I am in need of something for my home, but the chances of finding exactly what I need at the perfect time are pretty slim. So I usually buy items from the thrift store as I find them, not when I need them. I figure I will need them eventually. 

Here is my list of items I am always on the look out for:

1. Trays. Trays can be used in every room and new ones can be expensive.
2. Frames. Try looking for frames that already have mats, this saves a lot of money.
3. Mirrors. Good quality mirrors are easy to come by and easy to decorate with.
4. Chairs. Look for upholstered chairs, chair makeovers are fairly easy.
5. Clocks. I have found some great antique mirrors buried in the bottom of the pile. DIG!
6. Lamps. These are expensive new. Don't worry about lampshade or color. Makeovers are easy on lamps.
7. Books. Styling bookcases are easy with colorful hardcover books. Thrift stores usually sell them for $1-2.
8. Ceramics. I have found some great pitchers, serving pieces, planters, and decor pieces in this aisle that are normally really expensive.
9. Wood furniture. Look for quality of the furniture, not color or hardware because those can be easily changed.
10. Small Decor Pieces. Styling bookcases can be expensive if you are buying new pieces on every shelf. Look for small unique pieces. If the colors don't match your decor, just spray paint them. 

I always look through the furniture first because it is usually the fastest to be purchased.

Glassware is a great aisle. This stuff is expensive new, so don't skip this aisle.

The figurine and miscellaneous aisle is a great one too. Although it looks crazy,
they usually have small, unique pieces to decorate shelves with. 

Here are the items I purchased from thrift stores this month:

Wooden Doll House $1.50
Wood Top Glass Jar $1
Gold and Turquoise Planter $1

Mini Globe $12 (which is more than I would usually pay for 
an item second hand but the colors were perfect and globes are hard to come by)
Gold Basket $1

Nightstand $10

Gold Frame $1
Gold Trinket Box $1
White Planter $1

Stay tuned to see how I use these items in my home!