Motherhood Spotlight: Lacy Bennett

Letters to My Littles

Hey guys! My name is Lacy and I'm a mother of two little boys--Riggins and Gibson. Riggins is 17 months and Gibson is 2 months old. I'm working hard to find balance as a new mama to two babies:)  I'm married to Hunter, which ironically he is big into hunting, and he is the best man I know. He is currently in dental school at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ. He was recently accepted into an endodontic residency at the University of Nebraska. Go Cornhuskers! My family is my whole world and I just love all of our little adventures.

When Heather asked me to write a post for her blog on motherhood, I freaked out just a little. I guess those feelings of mama inadequacy (that we all have) came flooding in and I asked myself, "What could I share about motherhood that would make an impact on anyone? That anyone would care to read?" Well, I've realized that this post is not about all the things I am doing wrong (which is probably a lot), but it's about SOMETHING I am doing right. I've decided to share with you a little project I started when my first boy was born called "Letters to my Littles". I started writing monthly letters to my babies about 15 months ago, and I hope to continue doing this through their whole lives. How amazing will it be when they are old enough to read these letters and really see how much their mama loves them. I try to write about milestones, the special things they are doing, the feelings I am having, and sometimes even daddy joins in on the letter writing. These letters are very personal to me and my family, but I've decided to share a portion of the letter with you. This was the very first letter I wrote to my firstborn and I hope one day he will read it and know he is my world!  

Dear Riggins,

Oh, my sweet baby boy. I’m sitting down to write your very first letter. I’ve written many journal entries about you and how much I love you, but this one is written especially for you. I have made a pact with myself to continue writing you letters until you grow old. I hope you will read these letters and know of my unconditional love.  I want you to know while you are little that I love you, not for anything you do, not for how smart you are or for how well you throw the ball, but because you are my son. I don’t need any other reason to love you.

Your fourth month of life is coming up in 3 days and it’s amazing how time has flown by. I feel like I have been your mama forever and I don’t remember life without you. You are the center of my world and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s amazing how fast you have grown and as much as I want you to stop growing and stay my little forever, it’s fun to see you change. I get so excited about every little milestone so far. It’s definitely the little things you do that make me the happiest. We are rookie parents but we are learning. Forgive me for my shortcomings as your mum, I’m learning as we go. 

You are a dream baby. You rarely cry, and when you do it’s because you are hungry or your tummy hurts...or we think you are teething now, too. You love to smile and laugh. You love to coo, stick out your tongue and bounce in your bouncer. You are content in your swing and you could watch the fan spin in circles for hours. You love tummy time and you are rolling all over the place. I will never forget when I put you in your Bumbo and we opened the front door to watch the rain pour. We watched it rain for a long time together, and I have never felt so happy. I still can’t believe you are my little boy.

I love when you grab my shirt and finger with all of your might. It’s like you never want me to put you down or let go of your hand. I don’t ever want to put you down, but I have to leave you sometimes so you can learn to spread your wings and grow. I love when you look up at me like I know everything. I don’t know everything, but I will teach you everything I know. I feel like I don't know anything as a new mom, but how can I mess up when I love you this much? I pray I can always be here when you need me. You are truly the best part of me.

Right now you are sleeping next to me. Your arms are high above your head and you are making the cutest snoring noise. You are snuggling with your favorite owl, Wink, and I just had to take a picture (like I always do). I don’t know how we got so lucky to have you. You are the sweetest baby ever. I miss you when you aren’t around. When we slip under our covers, all daddy and mama do is look at pictures and videos of you from the day. I hope I can remember these moments when you are small and perfect and all of those gummy grins of yours that melt my heart.

Love you forever,

Your Mama

Photography Credit: Sally Mae Photography