DIY: Showing Gratitude Banner

The internet is full of so many great and inspiring thankful activities to do during Thanksgiving time. Since my family already did an activity where we wrote down all of the things we are thankful for this year, I decided to do something a little different for our mantle. 

We have so many blessings in our life but sometimes we don't always show how thankful we are for those blessings. So we made goals of how we are going to show our gratitude this year and wrote them in these boxes.

We are thankful for family so we made a goal to show our gratitude by being nice to everyone and putting our family first. We are thankful for our home so we made a goal to show our gratitude by cleaning the house and treating it with respect.

My 3 year old daughter even decided to write her own.

I let everyone pick out their own picture that they wanted next to their gratitude box and stuck them to sparkly gold and brown scrapbook paper. I finished the project off by attaching it to jute and displaying it on our mantle. 

This is my favorite banner ever because of how personal it is. I am incredibly blessed in my life and hope I can do the things that will show my gratitude for these wonderful blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!