DIY: Beautiful Lego Storage

We have a Lego problem in our house. My son is obsessed so we have grown to have quite the collection. The problem is his Legos are only allowed in the dining room, at the table, because we have a baby who likes to eat little Legos. I needed to give my son some sort of organization and storage for all his Legos, but all I could find online were plastic stacking containers and kid furniture. Now I would totally use those if I were putting his Legos in his room but I wanted them in the dining room. 

So I went to the first place I go when I need a piece of furniture: the local thrift store. I found the perfect piece for just $10. This rarely happens that I find the perfect piece on my first visit. So I quickly paid for it and brought it home. I didn't take any before pictures because I was too excited to start painting. Imagine in your head, a natural orange color wood. It wasn't terrible, but it needed some love.

The first thing I did was give it a good sand down. Then, I used a paintbrush and a can of white semi-gloss paint and gave it 3 coats. Next, I gave it 2 coats of clear acrylic spray gloss. I wanted my son to be involved in the process, since he will be using it, so I let him pick out a paint color for the inside of the cabinet. He chose blue, of course.

Last, we added new hardware. I took my son to Hobby Lobby and let him pick them out. He picked blue and gold. He was so proud that he got to help with the process and I actually loved his choices!

To organize his Legos and instruction books, we use a stacking container from Target that you can find here for only $8. The best part of these is that you can always buy more and they can all stack together. His figures are stored in a storage container that my husband had leftover from dental school, but I found one similar to it online here

We store all his creations in the cabinet area, along with the stackable containers. The drawer holds his figure's container and instruction books. I keep a tray on top of the cabinet to hold all the loose Legos I find on the ground throughout the day.

My favorite part about our Lego storage is that when my son isn't playing with Legos, I can't see them. I love this new little space in our dining room because my son is there 80% of the day, the furniture is pretty to look at, and it is so functional. 

Who says you can't have beautiful Lego storage?