The Power of Music

I am not a morning person. I do not wake up before my kids and get ready for the day. I should, but I value my sleep too much. So, my kids come and wake me up each morning and we all slowly head downstairs to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

My kids usually head straight to the couch, grab a blanket and lay down because they take a while to fully wake up. My non-morning self begs me to go snuggle with my kids on the couch and go back to sleep but instead, I started a new morning routine.

I head straight to the kitchen and turn on my Pandora radio. I choose either the Children's Disney Radio or Princess Radio station. As soon as my kids hear the music, they are in full sprint into the kitchen.

My kids try and guess which movie the song is from as fast as they can. We all start dancing and singing in the kitchen in our pajamas. I'm not a good dancer, but my kids don't care and nobody else is watching. My kids see me in a fun way and we all have a good laugh and start our day off with smiles.

Our mornings have changed drastically since I made this small little change in our morning routine. The power of music is amazing.