No Mess Halloween Crafts

I'm going to honest, crafts that involve paint are a disaster waiting to happen in my house. I love them, but sometimes I just want a simple, clean craft. So this Halloween I decided to do only crafts that weren't very complicated or messy.

Since the crafts didn't involve much preparation or cleanup time, we could do a craft in 10 minutes while we were waiting for dinner or lunch to cook. And since there was no prep or messy cleanup, I was more willing to do more crafts.

My Guidelines for No-Mess Halloween Crafts:

1. We could use scissors
2. We could use glue sticks and tape
3. We could use markers and crayons
4. We could use googly eyes and stickers

That's it. If it involved paint or Elmer's Glue, it was out. 

My kids and I would search Pinterest for craft ideas, but a lot of them involved paint. That didn't stop us though. Every time we saw a painted hand print or foot print we would trace our hand or foot on colored paper and cut it out. Worked great and no mess. 

What I really loved about our no-mess Halloween crafts this year was that we could spread it out over 2 weeks. Last year, we did all painting crafts but we had to do them all in one day because it was time consuming to cleanup with 3 kids. 

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No-Mess Halloween Craft Ideas to do with your kids!