My Happy Place

One piece of advice I received as a brand new mom, was to go outside everyday. They said it will make you a happy mom. To be honest, I thought this advice was a little extreme. Do you know how hard it is to get your babies out the door? And, every day? Did I follow this advice? No. Sometimes in the winter, I wouldn't leave the house all week.

Now, my kids are a little older. We go outside a lot. We go grocery shopping, doctor appointments, run errands in the car, or wait for the school bus. We go outside almost everyday, but usually these outside activities are stressful or quite boring for the kids. So I felt like I was following the advice I was given but not really understanding the "happy" part of it.

The other evening, my family and I took a walk around the neighborhood. My husband and I weren't on our phones, nobody was watching TV, and the kids weren't playing with their toys. The sun was just about to set behind the trees and we were just enjoying a beautiful walk as a family.

My 5 year old was asking us a billion questions about anything and everything. My 1 year old was just happy to be walking by himself. My 3 year was learning to pedal her bike and would say the funniest things. My husband and I would just smile and laugh whenever we looked at each other.

This is what that advice meant. This was my happy place.

We go on walks a lot and I enjoy them, but for some reason it really hit me this particular day of how important it was to be outside with my family. Now, going on a walk everyday isn't really a realistic goal for us, but we are hoping for a few times a week.