Let Them Be Little

I would say about 80% of the items in my house are do-it-yourself projects that have required a great deal of time to finish. When I finally get a project done, I feel a sense of relief as the finished result sits beautifully in my house. Then, something happens.....my kids want to use it.

Picture this: I just barely painted and reupholstered my dining room chairs when my son decided that he wanted to make a fort. I have always let him use our chairs before, but since they were just painted, I cringed at the thought of him chipping the paint. After his persistent begging, I told him yes but to be extra careful with the chairs this time. 

The kids were so excited and quickly grabbed all the blankets and started laughing and running around the living room. My oldest son carefully moved the chairs around and made sure they didn't touch each other. 

As he was moving the last chair he accidentally hit the chairs together and chipped the paint. He looked at me so worried and gave the most heart-felt apology ever. I felt so bad that I made him feel that way.

Does a chip on the chair really matter? Absolutely not. 

Looking back on that day, the chip on the chair honestly gave our house character and taught me a lesson. Furniture is just furniture, but my kids are my whole world. I want them to know that this is their house too and if they want to build a fort with all the pillows and blankets and move all the furniture, then they should.

I know that I will miss these days when my kids grow up and are too cool for forts and I will be begging them to move my nice chairs and put chips in the paint. So with that in mind, I will sit here and watch my kids laugh, play and build forts and let them be little. Because I know this won't last forever.