Fancy Pancake Week

We decided to spice up breakfast this week with fun, fancy pancakes. Yes, we had pancakes every morning for 5 days. The kids loved it because they got to decide which design they wanted each morning. Some requests were harder than others, but I did my best to cater to my kid's wants. 

My special tools every morning were: 
-food coloring for the pancakes
-writing icing
-candy eyeballs

Having a fun theme everyday gave my kids something exciting to look forward to, rather than our usual breakfast. They even tried to help me design their pancakes. Plus, we always had Pandora's Disney Junior music blaring which made it a party every morning! I think we need pancake week more often in our house.

1. Rapunzel

2. Golf Course

3. Princess Castle

4. Outerspace

5. Snow White

6. Football

7. Balloons