DIY: Pom Pom Garland Tutorial

I have been eyeing those felt ball garlands that are all over Pinterest and Etsy, but I could not get myself to spend over $10 for those little balls. Call me cheap, I know. So I came up with a solution and I didn't have to pay a single penny. Now that is my kind of project.

Here are the materials you need:

#1. Pom Poms. The Dollar Tree sells bags of these for $1 in the craft supply aisle. My kids play 
with these all the time so I had plenty around the house to choose from.

#2. Needle & Thread

Now pick the color scheme you want and thread them together. These pom poms are really fluffy and soft but they do have a firm center that you can thread through. Don't worry about spacing them perfectly as you thread because they are loose and can be moved easily when you hang them. 

That is it. Fast, easy and cheap. Perfect for a kid's bedroom, holiday or birthday decor. Plus it isn't permanent so the pom poms can come off and are still usable. Hope you enjoy this cute project!