DIY Pirate and Parrot Homemade Halloween Costumes

I am throwing it back to our 2011 Halloween costumes. My son wanted to be a pirate and he needed a parrot, so I attempted my first ever homemade Halloween costumes. The lesson I learned back then was: don't be afraid to make homemade costumes if you don't use a sewing machine. I made these costumes with my trusty hot glue gun and a little needle and thread! 

Instructions for the parrot:

Start with a baby layette that fits your child. Using a green feather boa from Joann Fabric, wrap it around the layette as many times as you can, while still keeping it some what loose. Hot glue the feather boa to the layette as you wrap. Glue one long feather boa strip down the top of each sleeve instead of wrapping it. Don't put any feathers above the chest and neck area.

Cut triangles (my triangles had curved lines so they looked more like a feather) out of white felt. Hot glue the triangles on the layette starting from the chest area. Once you have a whole line glued, glue another line right above it so they overlap and look like feathers. Repeat this until you reach the neckline.

Using a white crocheted hat, glue on extra green feathers to the top of the hat. (I added some pink feathers to match her leggings and make it more girly). Glue large googly eyes to each side of the hat. 

Cut 2 large, long triangles out of yellow felt. Hot glue all the edges together except for one small section. Fill that section with loose batting (exactly how you would stuff a pillow). Once stuffed, hot glue the open section shut. Next, cut 2 more triangles from yellow felt, but make them smaller than the previous triangles (these are for the bottom of the beak). Glue and stuff just like you did with the previous triangles. 

Use a needle and thread to hand sew the two stuffed beaks together. Hot glue a black felt triangle onto the bottom beak for the tongue. Hand sew the finished beak onto the hat. The tighter you thread the higher the beak will stand up, instead of drooping in your child's face. 

Instructions for the pirate:

Use any type of black pants (I used sweatpants because they are inexpensive and warm). Trim the bottom of the pants just below the knee. Cut a zigzag pattern along the bottom.

Find a black t-shirt. Cut off the arms. Trim the bottom so it hits right at the belly button. Cut off the collar  and down the front of the shirt. A vest without sewing! 

Cut 2 long strips of red fabric. Tie one around the head and the other around the waist. I finished off this costume with an eye patch, gold necklace, and a toy sword.