DIY: Monsters Inc Halloween Costumes Tutorial

I am throwing it back to Halloween 2012 when I attempted our 2nd year of homemade costumes. We decided on a Monsters Inc theme and they were perfect for the cold Halloween night we had. Just like my previous costumes, I made these without a sewing machine, so don't be discouraged about homemade costumes if you don't know how to use one.

Instructions for Mike Wazowski:

Buy a yard and a half of green fleece from the fabric store. Fold the fleece in half and lay it on a hard surface. The fold needs to be at the top, where your child's head will be. To get the perfect measurements, my son laid down on the fleece and I traced a pattern, with a marker, of Mike Wazowski's body around my son and onto the fleece. (Make sure you make it a little bigger because it will need to be stuffed). Cut out along your trace marks, but make sure you don't cut along the top folded section, that will keep the front and back of the costume together at the shoulders.

To connect the green fleece front and back pieces together, hot glue the edges together underneath the armpits and down to the leg opening. Make sure you leave a large opening on the bottom for the legs. The trick is to hot glue these edges like a you are making a sandwich, edges laying flat with the glue inside (this will make the edges look more like sewing seams when we turn it inside out later). 

Next, you will need a white lining fabric. Lay this fabric over your green fleece cutout and trace the shape of the bottom half of the costume (from the bottom to the armpits). It should be in the shape of a fishbowl sort of. Cut 2 of those shapes out of the white lining fabric. Then, hot glue one of the fishbowl cutouts to the green fleece costume along all the edges except for a small section in the corner (this is so you can stuff the costume later). Turn the costume over and hot glue the second fishbowl cutout to the other side following the same directions. 

Now, turn the whole costume inside out. You should have the basic body outline now with legs, arms and neck openings. Take a few pieces of paper and cut out patterns for your eye and mouth. (I drew them on paper first so I could trial and error with size and shapes to get the perfect look.) Once you have your perfect shapes, trace them out onto felt in the colors you see in my picture below. Use hot glue to attach your felt teeth, eyeball, and yellow outline to your main eye and mouth cutouts. Finally, hot glue your finish eyeball and mouth to your costume. 

Finally, we stuff batting into the small section of the white lining fabric we left open earlier. (Stuff it exactly how you would a pillow). The more batting the better. Remember to do this to both sides of the costume. Once you have your decided padding, hot glue that section shut so the batting doesn't come out. 

I used a blue construction hard hat I found at the Dollar Store. If you cannot find blue, I would recommend spray painting a kid's hard hat. (You can find these in the pretend/dress up section in most toy stores). Next, find a Monsters Inc. logo online and print it out onto regular printer paper, then use decoupage to attach the logo to the hat. 

Instructions for Boo:

The body of the costume is basically a vest, just worn backwards. Cut out purple fabric in a rectangle that will be long enough to wrap around your child (from the bottom of the knee to the neckline). Cut out another piece of linen fabric in the exact same shape. Cut out circles for armholes only in the purple fabric.

Lay your purple fabric out on a flat, hard surface. Next, lay your linen fabric on top of it. The bottom of the fabrics should lay even but place the top of the white linen fabric right below the armpits on the purple fabric (we do this to have extra fabric to stuff with batting later). 

I used Stitch Witchery (an iron-on hem) on this next part, instead of sewing. You could also use a sewing machine or needle and thread by hand. Place an iron-on hem, or sew, along all the edges of the white linen fabric to the purple fabric, except for the left side (this is where we stuff the batting in). 

Next, place an iron-on hem, or sew, 2 straight lines across the 2 fabrics. (This will create 3 tube shapes to fill with with batting). Now, stuff each tube shape with batting. Once done, close up the open side with an iron-on hem or sew. 

To keep the costume closed, I added 3 buttons in the back. You could also use velcro, snaps, or a zipper. 

Cut 3 tooth shapes out of white felt and hot glue them to the inside of the neckline.

Lastly, I hot glued purple sequin strips along the whole costume.

Find a sweatshirt or jacket with a hood that can be altered, and that will match your costume. Bend a wire hanger in the shape of a rainbow and hot glue the hanger to the edge of the hood. 

To achieve a purple hood, take the purple fabric and hot glue it along the hanger so it hides the metal. Trim the purple fabric so it is the same shape and size as the jacket's hood, then hot glue the bottom edge of the purple fabric to the jacket under the hood. 

Cut three more tooth shapes from white felt and hot glue them to the inside of the top of the hood.

Using tin snips, cut another wire hanger into two 5-inch pieces. Bend their edges so you can hot glue the ends of the wire hangers to the edge of the hood. Take 2 Halloween plastic eyeballs and drill a hole in the bottom. Stick the wire hangers into the plastic eyeball's hole then place a strip of hot glue where they connect so they won't come apart.

Take a kitchen mop and cut off a few of the strings. Now, cut a hole in the middle of the costume's hood then stick the mop strings through the hood's hole. Hot glue the edge of the strings to the inside of the hood. This is her hair.